Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag - Project 2010
The earliest US organization of immigrants from the Hedmark area of Norway was called Østerdalslaget.  This group held its first meeting in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in 1910.  In the mid 1900s, as members grew older and subsequent generations had less interest in their heritage, the Østerdalslaget folded.

In 1995 - in response to a renewed interest in heritage - a new US organization of descendents of immigrants from the northern 2/3 of the Østerdal Valley was formed.  Because this new organization covered a slightly different (although significantly overlapping) geographic area in Norway - we took a new name: Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag.

If the original organization had survived, Østerdalslaget would have celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2010.  In recognition of that Centennial, the Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag unertook a research and outreach project to identify descendents of the founding members of Østerdalslaget. 


Our mission is two fold:

1. To advance research on the immigration and settlement of Østerdal families in the US and elsewhere
2. By identifying Østerdal descendents, to spark an interest  among Østerdal valley descendents who are unaware of the specifics of their Norwegian ancestry and, in the process, to grow the membership of Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag

The links above will lead you directly into accumulated notes and research on the descendents of early Østerdal members.   These navigation tools  will allow you to search or browse for specific surnames, places, (a very few) photos, or charts within this data collection.

The colored icons throughout the pages indicate the direct descendents of each immigrant family.


Charter Member Immigrant Family Hedmark
Notes and Descendent Surnames
Siblings: Hanna Maria Halvorsdatter (Brandvold) Berdahl and Knut "K.H." Halvorsen Brandvold Lille Elvedalen Anderson, Berdahl, Brandvold, Brown, Budaj, Burbach, Christensen, Glenn, Gusten, Hayes, Hegerty, Hofer, Johnson, Kampmeyer, Kipper, Malthesen, Matthews, Munk, Pratt, Rogers, Sageng, Simons, Sparck, Steel, Tyler, Van Liere  (Note: thanks to John Roland Simons for his detailed research on the Berdahl family).
  Erik Larsen Bergseth Øvre Rendalen Died without issue
  Thore & Regina (Nepperud) Eggen Tolgen Rev. Thore Eggen was a VP of Østerdalslag during it's first years. They had one daughter, Nella, who died young.
Brothers, Peter O. Estenson (wife: Anne O. Simmensen) and Ole.O. Estenson Tynset Estenson, Strommen, Staber (Credit to Jean Knaak for the research on these families)
Elling (Embretsen) Haugrose and his wife Inga Tynset Bilski, Carlstrom, Demrow, Haugrose, Heacox, Knowles, Linau, Rustad, Sayles (Credit to Karl Brekke for the research on this family)
Henrik Otto Hendrickson and Inga Jakobsatter Ørbak Lille Elvedalen Chojnacki, Helgesen, McConnon
Ole Oleson Frisvoll Jacobson and Thora Thoresdatter Jordmoen Thompson Lille Elvedalen Jacobson, Magnuson
Louis and Ellen (Aslesen) Kvarnes Rendalen 3 daughters, but apparently no grandchildren
Guren and Anna (Swenby-Hanson) Kvernes Ytre Rendalen Albrecht, Berghuis, Knudson, Lewandowski, Toov
Peder Nilsen Langsjøen and Gjertur Nilsdatter Jordet Tolgen Agarwal, Boe, Bricker, Callaway, Forsbeck, Germundson, Greer,  Halverson, Hennen, Jesse, Just, Lokken, Londre, Richardson, Rodine, Shoemaker, Wagnild, Zins
Martinus Martinussen Lien (Lie/Lee) Elverum Andrzejek, Bengtsson, Brown, Byrne, Ferreira, Frederickson, Friis, Fuchser, Gillespie, Harris, Huggett, Husted, Johnson, Kill, Lambert, Lee, Lie, Lien, Mammen, Miller, Nelson, Niosi, Oellien, Oligmueller, Olson, Quade, Radmaker, Stanley, Sumner, Thorcroft, Westfield, Widmer, Wolford (Many thanks to Marcella (Westfield) Oellien for extensive help on this family)
Martin Olufsen Lien and his sister Anne Marie Olufsdatter Lien immigrated to the US in the early 1900s but returned to Norway after 10 years. Elverum No US descendants.  Inter-family connections to the Martinus M. Lien and the Sveen sisters
Lars Eriksen Lomnes and
Christine Engebretsdatter Bolstad
Rendalen Bolstad, Fredericksen, Frevert, Lomnes / Lomnæs, Twetley, Utgard / Utgaard, Wisehart
Ole Bersvendsen and Ingrid (Andersdatter Sagmoen) Mellesmoen Lille Elvedalen Ole and Ingrid had no birth children but raised two foster children: Clara Eggen and Ole Anderson Mellesmoen.  Both Clara and Ole have Østerdoler roots through their birth lines in addition to through their foster parents - and their descendants are included on these pages. (Note: Thanks to Cliff Lien for his excellent research on this family)
Berger O. Messelt and Hanna Andreasdatter Stor Elvedal Epeseth, Hagen, Krawczynski, Olson, Solie, Young (Credit to Jean Knaak for the research on these families)
Nels T.(Nilsen) Moen and Betsy Johnson.  2nd wife, Ingeborg (Stortroen) Moen was also a charter member of the lag. Tynset Nels T. Moen was the founding chairman of Østerdalslag.  He was born in Minnesota to parents who immigrated from Norway.  Descendant surnames: Moen
  Peder M. (Magnussen) Moen Tynset Died without issue.  Immigrated with his mother who was from Tynset.  A stepson of Lars Nilsen of Tumuli, Otter Tail Co.
Peder P. (Nilsen) Moen and Kristine (Helgseth) Tynset Peder P. Moen was the 1st cousin of Nels T. Moen (above).  Descendant surnames include: Bredahl, Demontigny, Diaz, Martenson, Moen, Simanovich, Thune
  Bernhard Nesteby Lille Elvedalen Died without issue
John H. Odden / Olson and Sarah Jane Nelson Foldalen The links above will take you to summary information on this family but there is more complete information at this family site maintained by JJ (Njos) Roberts:  Thanks to JJ Roberts and Adrienne Stepenak for providing the bulk of the information on this family.
In America, John switched between the surnames of  Olson and Olden (from his Brennodden Farm roots in Norway).  His children used "Olson." Descendent surnames in the next generations include: Anderson, Knutson, Heggen, Olson
Peder J. Pryts and Bendikka Indiana Rodhammer Røros (in Trønderlag) While not actually from Hedmark (he came from nearby Røros) Peder Pryts was nonetheless a member of Østerdalslag.  Descendent surnames include Beam, Benson, Benson-Stock, Evers, Gunter, Hedin, Norlie, Opstad Monson, Pryts, Westby, and Wilson
Peter (Martinson) Sather and Anna Aurora Hildegard Lundquist Elverum Anderson, Andres, Bauer, Cornog, DeMars, Ekberg, Engler, Fliam, Gruen, Helcl, Hulleman, Johnson, Kenyon, Leighton, Lindberg, Lundquist, Novacek, Ostberg, Rabel, Reindl, Sather, Schroedl, Stevens, Taylor, Thayer, Thompson, Willaims
(Note: Credit to Cindy (Ostberg) Schroedl for compiling this data)
The Gundersdatter Sveen sisters.  Four Sveen sisters immigrated to the US.  One, Amuline (Lina Swanson) was a Lag member.  The other three were Nikoline (Nellie Swenson), Andrine (Annie Gustafson) and Gurine (not yet located in the US).  Two other siblings (Augusta and Gulbrand) remained in Norway. Elverum Annie had children: Gustafson, Walters;
  Haaken (Hogan) Thoresen Jordmoen Thompson Lille Elvedalen Died without issue.  However, Haakon's sister, Thora, married Ole O. Jacobson - who was also an Østerdalslag charter member (see Ole Jacobson).  There is some research presented here on all 6 of the Thoresen/Thompson siblings who came to the U.S. (Thore, Haaken, Iver, Marit, Anne, and Johannes)
Marthinius and Anna (Hogensen) Skramstad Aamot Marthinius Skramstad and 2 of his 10 children (Anton and Helen) were early members of Østerdals Lag.  Descendent surnames include Berg, Johnstone, McCosh, Simonson, and Watson
Peter Torinussen and Berthe (Nilsen Berget) Skramstad Aamot Evans, Jenkins, Tomes
Paul and Marthea (Olsdatter Berg) Smebak Tolgen Anderbeck, Antonsen, Johnson, Lenarz, Riegel, Reimer, Storbeck, Troseth, and Windfeldt  (Credit to Jean Knaak for the research on this family)
Ole O. Steen and wives 1st Gina Iverson and 2nd Netta Iverson Tynset Neprud, Russell, Steen (Credit to Karl Brekke for the research on this family)
Four brothers: Amund N., Knud, Lars, and Mikkel Storbækken (Storbek / Storbak) sons of Nels P. and Marit Storbækken Tolgen Note: Mikkel was a stepbrother.  Descendent names for these 4 brothers: Anderbeck, Helseth, Holum, Lenarz, Lundblad, Reimer, Storbak, Storbeck, Windfeldt  (Credit to Jean Knaak for the research on these families)
Even (Pederson) Stubsjoen and Bella Tynset Riel, Saxton, Stubsjoen, Stubson (Credit to Jean Knaak for the research on this family)
Peder Pedersen Utgaard and
Sigrid (Sarah) Engebretsdatter Bolstad
Øvre Rendalen Buck, Bolstad, Berglund, Danielson, Hull, Jerdee, Maloney, Rodgers, Rogers, Utgaard